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Nanabhai Bhatt

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Nanabhai Bhatt
Born 12 June 1915
Porbandar, British India
Died 23 April 1999 (aged 83)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Other names Yeshwant Bhatt
Batuk Bhatt
Occupation film director, film producer
Years active 1942-1988
Spouse(s) Hemlata Bhatt (first wife) Shirin Mohammad Ali (second wife)
Children Mahesh Bhatt (son)
Mukesh Bhatt (son)
Robin Bhatt (son)
Relatives Purnima Das Verma (sister-in-law)

Nanabhai Bhatt (12 June 1915 – 23 April 1999) was a well-known Indian film director and producer of Bollywood and Gujarati cinema,[1][2] known for making over a hundred fantasy and mythological films,[3] including Mr. X(1957), Zimbo Comes to Town (1960), Lal Qila (1960) and the blockbuster Kangan (1959) starring Nirupa Roy and Ashok Kumar.[4][5] His first film, Muqabala (1942), was the first to feature the double-role or “twins” phenomenon in Indian cinema, wherein lead actress Fearless Nadia alternated between the good sister and the gangster’s moll. The formula was subsequently emulated in numerous Hindi films.[6]

Early life and career[edit]

Bhatt, called Yeshwant Bhatt, was born to a Gujarati family on 12 June 1915 in Porbandar, British India.[citation needed] He started his early career in films as a sound recordist with Prakash Pictures, working under his brother Balwant Bhatt, and then by writing “scripts and stories” using the name Batuk Bhatt.[7] He began his directorial venture when he joined Homi Wadia’s team at Basant Pictures[8] by co-directing two films with Babubhai Mistri,Muqabala (1942) and Mauj (1943), under the same name.[9] He directed two more films as Batuk Bhatt, Homi Wadia‘s Hunterwali Ki Beti (1943) and Liberty Pictures Sudhar (1949).[10] Bhatt left Basant Pictures and started his own production company “Deepak Pictures” in 1946.[8]

Personal life[edit]

Bhatt, a Gujarati Brahmin,[11][12] was the patriarch of the Bhatt film family. He had five daughters and four sons, including noted film director and producer Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt, and Robin Bhatt owners of Vishesh Films.

Bhatt died at Nanavati hospital in Mumbai from heart failure on 23 April 1999.[13][14]




  • Jaya Parvati Vrat (Gujarati film) (1982)
  • Gajara Maru (Gujarati film) (1981)
  • Dharti Mata (1976)
  • Balak Aur Janwar (1975)
  • Jeevan Rekha (1974)
  • Jung Aur Aman (1968)
  • Baghdad Ki Raatein (1967)
  • Shankar Khan (1966)
  • Bekhabar (1965)
  • Aadhi Raat Ke Baad (1965)
  • Samson (1964)
  • Alapiranthavan (1963)
  • Bhootnath (1963)
  • Naag Rani (1963)
  • Rocket Girl (1962)
  • Baghdad Ki Raaten (1962)
  • Teen Ustad (1961)
  • Police Detective (1960)
  • Lal Quila (1960)
  • Zimbo Shaher Mein (1960)
  • Daaka (1959)
  • Baazigar (1959)
  • Kangan (1959)
  • Naya Sansar (1959)
  • Madam XYZ (1959)
  • Son of Sinbad (1958)
  • Chaalbaaz (1958)
  • Mr. X (1957)
  • Ustad (1957)
  • Kismet (1956)
  • Watan (1954)
  • Toote Khilone (1954)
  • Sinbad Jahazi (1952)
  • Apni Izzat (1952)
  • Baghdad (1952)
  • Lakshmi Narayan (1951)
  • Ram Janma (1951)
  • Daman (1951)
  • Lav Kush (1951)
  • Janmashtami (1950)
  • Veer Babruwahan (1950)
  • Hamara Ghar (1950)
  • Veer Ghatotkach (1949)
  • Shaukeen (1949)
  • Maa Baap Ki Laaj (1946)
  • Chalis Karod (1946)
  • Mauj (1943)
  • Muqabala (1942)
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Nanabhai Bhatt
Film director
Nanabhai Bhatt was a well-known Indian film director and producer of Bollywood and Gujarati cinema, known for making over a hundred fantasy and mythological films, including Mr. X, Zimbo Comes to Town, …Wikipedia
Born: June 12, 1915, Porbandar
Died: April 24, 1999, Mumbai
Mahesh Bhatt is Nanabhai Bhatt's son. Nanabhai Bhatt produced and Mahesh Bhatt directed Kabzaa.
Mahesh Bhatt
Shirin Mohammad Ali is Nanabhai Bhatt's ex-spouse.
Shirin Mohammad Ali
Former spouse
Mukesh Bhatt is Nanabhai Bhatt's son.
Mukesh Bhatt
Pooja Bhatt is Nanabhai Bhatt's granddaughter.
Pooja Bhatt
Alia Bhatt is Nanabhai Bhatt's granddaughter.
Alia Bhatt
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Nanabhai Bhatt (Writer)
Born: November 11, 1882, Bhavnagar
Died: December 31, 1961, Bhavnagar
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