Yogi G Raj talks about Khushi Khushiyagi

| TNN | Dec 30, 2014, 12.57 AM IST

For Sandalwood insiders, Yogi G Raj is a familiar face. He’s been a part of the industry for years now, working closely with many of his friends like A Harsha and Preetham Gubbi. He’s now elated that he’s beginning the New Year with the release of his debut directorial venture, Khushi Khushiyaagi.

“It all happened so suddenly. I’ve known Ganesh for years. He called me one day and asked if I’d do the remake of Gunde Jaari Gallanthayyinde. I’ve seen the movie in Telugu and I thought this was the apt subject for me to make my debut as a director,” he says. Quiz him on whether he had any apprehensions about doing a remake for his debut and he says, “I had decided to debut as a director this year, but wasn’t sure about the plan. This project happened within days and I’ve been blessed to have a team that’s been supportive — right from my producers, who never said no, to a lead pair, both of whom I’ve know for over a decade.” Yogi, though, adds, “While Ganesh and I have been friends, we didn’t bring that equation on the set. We worked as professionals, giving each other space, and bonded as friends once we were off work.”
As for the film itself, Yogi, unlike others who make remakes, believes that one should tamper little with the script. “When one is doing a remake, one should not change much script-wise, since it is already a proven winner elsewhere. Though, a little bit of change to suit native sensibilities can be done, the story should be intact,” he says. Yogi believes that films need to be stylish. “I’ve styled most leading heroes and heroines. In fact, it was I who gave Amulya the makeover for her film Gajakessari earlier this year and have ensured my leading pair look good in my film too. The script ensured that no one was poor, so that helped me. I want my films to be as colourful as my taste,” says Yogi.


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